inspiring us

What is Amethysts Studio?

A studio creating mysterious stories, trying to trigger reflection and doubt – but also to entertain you!

Through games or short stories, the goal of the studio is to create mysterious, complex stories, often (but not all the time) related to current events or technology.


  • Emmy and Isaac’s portraits drawn
  • Creation of the “Logbook” listing all the choices made and events that have occurred in the current game
  • Archives system completed

This month, I have been working on improving the website, including adding short stories to the site.


  • Lots of patches, lots of content added in the Archives.

  • Progress in the English translation -thanks Juliette!

  • Minor features added

  • New version 0.99.9 released on the Play Store on March 28th

This is the first post, marking the creation of the blog/site gathering all my creations!

Everything that the studio creates will be added and gathered here, in order to facilitate the access to the creations 🙂

Monthly update on the projects:


  • The story is progressing well, now all choices lead to an end.

  • Emmy’s personality has been a little bit enriched

Short stories:

  • Open your eyes, a short story written for the Hiatus newspaper. It will be added to this blog after proofreading and English translation.